Please use my preferred titles ‘Mistress’, ‘Miss’, ‘Master’, ‘Daddy’. It shows respect and proper etiquette. However, during a scene, we can establish other forms of address if needed.

If you have reached this page and read it, congratulations, you are almost there! Just follow three simple steps.

  1. Familiarize yourself with my Bio, Interests and Boundaries

  2. Read the Protocol, which also includes the Rates, Deposit, Cancellation, Screening policy information

  3. Fill out the session request form

Session rates start at $450 and depend on the duration, complexity and location of the session. 


I have access to the best private, well-equipped fetish studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn. When I am on tour, I rent local dungeons or hotel rooms and the location is always of my choice.

I do NOT offer outcalls.

Sure! I have no problem seeing beginners and I always pride myself on being the first to introduce you to a new world.

All I ask of you is to carefully read my website info and complete the required verification process.

I respond to all requests within 72 hours. If you have not received my response, then most likely

1. My email ended up in the Spam folder. Please check it.

2. You requested something from my limits or did not answer all the required questions correctly or provided an email with typos in the form.

3. Possible technical error on the website. In this case, you can submit your application again.

Yes, I would enjoy the pleasure of tormenting you in collaboration with My talented Domme friends!

If you want to book double or group sessions don’t forget to leave a note in your inquiry.

I am available weekdays and some Sundays. I prefer daytime sessions and if evenings, no later than 9 pm start.

If you require a session outside of these hours, a $200 surcharge will apply. This fee compensates for any disruption to my regular routine. 

I have an incredible collection of latex, leather, mesh, vinyl, and other outfits, as well as an extensive selection of footwear to complete any look.

During our sessions, I will wear what I feel comfortable in, but I always take note of any specific clothing fetishes you may have.

I am available to play with people of all genders, sexual orientations, races and experience levels.

NO. You should make an appointment in advance

However, if we have sessioned before I can make an exception with a 50% surcharge on top of my standard rate. 

While I appreciate your interest, I must respectfully decline any requests for personal outings or dates.  As a professional, I take my role very seriously and prioritize maintaining a boundary between my personal and professional life. 


Yes and that`s not free. Lifestyle servitude starts at $2500 per month and it means you will be part of my lifestyle and engaging with me regularly.  The first step to serving me is to fill out my online application. Once you have submitted your application, we can begin the process of getting to know each other and determining if we are a good fit. Good luck!

I don’t give discounts. I still keep my rates average and affordable for all of you, despite all the extensive work, effort, years in the industry, and investment I have made in honing my craft and skills.

If you can’t afford a professional dominatrix right now, save your money or find someone else who fits your budget.

Absolutely! Check my Wishlist to find proper gifts.